ZTT to Release Three New Albums Featuring 30 Years of Exclusive Footage and Pop Classics, 10 February 2014

In celebration of 30 years pioneering the music industry, record label ZTT/Salvo Music are to release three new albums on 10 February 2014. These are: the deluxe edition of Frankie Said, the London edition of The Organisation of Pop and The Art of the 12’’ Volume Three.

With ZTT’s typically unique style, the three albums are a beautifully packaged, comprehensive demonstration of the ZTT vision as well as the quality and scope of the label’s collective efforts. They include smash hits and cuts from 808 State, Adamski, Art of Noise, and David Jordan, as well as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Grace Jones, Kirsty MacColl, Lisa Stansfield, Propaganda, Seal, Shades of Rhythm, Shane MacGowann and Tom Jones – among others. The three releases also include remixed tracks, in addition to rare, classic 7” and 12” versions, and if the classic ZTT experiments and overtures aren’t enough, this collection also provides promotional videos and TV performances for fans to enjoy.

Founded in 1983, ZTT is the brainchild of Paul Morley (an NME journalist) plus producer Trevor Horn and his manager wife Jill Sinclair, all of whom wanted to create a

surreal variety show…a European cabaret…a dream department producing perfect pop.

ZTT has managed to stay on top of the competition, crafting an original sound, style and brand, thereby permitting the transformation of clients such as 808 State, Art of Noise, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Propaganda from rising stars to household names, between their first and second singles. In fact, the label has managed to catapult their artists into the Top 40 charts a total of 45 times.

Maintaining the European panache for experimental music, ZTT defied the minimalist rules of pop, opting for the cut/copy/paste style instead. This allowed them to alter the landscape of music, injecting entertainment into the core of the pop music business. ZTT’s dominance over the scene was not shy either; their clothing became fashion staples in the 80s and their 12” remixes earned their own chart positions. The very core of ZTT, Sarm West Studios (London) reflected the future sounds of Europe’s leading musical cities: Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester and Reykjavic…

The deluxe version of Frankie Said is the first time all of the pivotal moments of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s career have been compiled in one place; it features their smash singles and remixes, in addition to TV performances and videos. It includes songs from Liverpool and Welcome to the Pleasuredome, while also featuring exclusive footage from the Oxford Road Show 84, as well as archival footage from ZTT and Top of the Pops videos. Fans will also have access to a new Paul Morley essay in the 24-page booklet provided.

The Organisation of Pop (London Edition) delves into the first 30 years of ZTT via 38 songs in a two-disc format. Disc One is comprised of 19 smash hits from the conception of the label to the now, while Disc Two, entitled The Disorganisation of Pop, goes through the labels remixes, experiments and overtures, as well as their special projects. There is a 24-page booklet supplementing this album as well. It features another Paul Morley essay regarding the role of ZTT in redeveloping the structure of the pop music industry.

The Art of the 12”, Volume Three features the efforts of pop maestros and electro leaders, in the form of exclusive rare 12” remixes. These side projects blossomed from the 80s film, ad and TV craze – namely from A Clockwork Orange, Escape from New York, MTV (while it was in its Golden Age), plus Network 7, The Tube and the The Word.

The listings for each record are as follows:



  1. Two Tribes (introduced via the piano of Anne Dudley)
  2. The Power of Love
  3. Relax (the last seven inches)
  4. Two Tribes (we don’t want to die)
  5. War!
  6. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (a remade world)
  7. Ferry Cross The Mersey (and here I’ll stay)
  8. Rage Hard
  9. Watching the Wildlife
  10. Born to Run (live on The Tube)
  11. Warriors of the Wasteland (attack) seven inch
  12. Kill the Pain
  13. Maximum Joy
  14. Two Tribes (annihilation) twelve inch
  15. Relax (New York) twelve inch
  16. The Power of Love (…best listened to by lovers)


  1. Relax (promo video)
  2. Relax (live version) (promo video)
  3. Relax (laser version) (promo video)
  4. Two Tribes (promo video)
  5. Two Tribes (video destructo) (promo video)
  6. The Power of Love (promo video)
  7. The Power of Love (version 2) (promo video)
  8. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (an alternative to reality) (promo video)
  9. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (the escape act) (promo video)
  10. Rage Hard (promo video)
  11. Warriors of the Wasteland (promo video)
  12. Watching the Wildlife (promo video)
  13. Relax (5/1/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  14. Two Tribes (9/8/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  15. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (28/3/85) (Top Of The Pops)
  16. Rage Hard (4/9/86) (Top Of The Pops)
  17. Two Tribes (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  18. The Power of Love (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  19. Relax (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  20. Wish (The Lads Were Here) (The Oxford Road Show)
  21. War! (The Oxford Road Show)
  22. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 1 (Commercial)
  23. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 2 (Commercial)
  24. “The Power of Love – Win Hearts and Minds” (Commercial)
  25. “Welcome to the Pleasuredome – The Event of the Decade” (Commercial)
  26. “and meanwhile… backstage”




CD1 (The Action Series)

  1. Grace Jones ‘Slave To The Rhythm’
  2. Seal ‘Crazy’
  3. 808 State ‘Pacific 707’
  4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’
  5. Art Of Noise ‘Close (to the Edit)’
  6. Propaganda ‘Duel’
  7. Seal ‘Kiss From A Rose’
  8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘The Power Of Love’
  9. Tom Jones ‘If I Only Knew’
  10. Shades Of Rhythm ‘Extacy’
  11. MC Tunes vs. 808 State ‘The Only Rhyme That Bites’
  12. Propaganda ‘Dr Mabuse’
  13. 808 State ‘In Yer Face’
  14. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Two Tribes’
  15. David Jordan ‘Sun Goes Down’
  16. Shane MacGowan & Sinéad O’Connor ‘Haunted’
  17. Kirsty MacColl ‘Angel’ (Piano Version)
  18. Claudia Brücken ‘Thank You’
  19. Art of Noise ‘Moments In Love’

CD2 (The Incidental Series)

  1. Act ‘Snobbery & Decay’
  2. Instinct ‘Sleepwalking’ (7” Version)
  3. Anne Pigalle ‘Hé Stranger’
  4. Das Psych-oh! Rangers ‘Homage To The Blessed’
  5. Nasty Rox Inc. ‘9th Wonder’ (7” Version)
  6. Hoodlum Priest ‘Caucasian’
  7. Sun Electric ‘I Feel Free’
  8. Mantra ‘Intensify (I Love You)’
  9. Sexus ‘How Do You Kiss?’
  10. All Saints ‘Silver Shadow’ (7” Version)
  11. Leilani ‘I Am The Greatest’ (II)
  12. Public Demand ‘Invisible’ (Trevor Horn’s Invisible 7”)
  13. Lee Griffiths ‘Sign Of The Times’
  14. Lisa Stansfield ‘The Moment’
  15. Art Of Noise ‘Overture From The Seduction Of Claude Debussy’
  16. Adamski’s Thing ‘Piccadilly Circus’
  17. Aurora ‘Craving’ (7” Mix)
  18. Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken ‘When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time’ (2012 Version)
  19. Andrew Poppy ‘The Amusement’ (7” Edit)




  1. Star Cycle – a soundtrack from The Tube (Jeff Beck via Art of Noise)
  2. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Trailer Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  3. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  4. Snobbery & Decay (The Naked Civil…) (Act)
  5. Fabergé, take one (Art of Noise)
  6. Escape From New York (Video Mix) (Nasty Rox Inc.)
  7. Close (To The Edit) (Original Ruff Mix) (Art Of Noise)
  8. Leave It (Hello, Goodbye Mix) (Yes)
  9. Complete Machinery (Propaganda)
  10. Medea Terrorists (Living) (Das Psych-Oh! Rangers
  11. Fabergé, take two (Art of Noise)
  12. Language Problems (Extended Version) (Electric Guitars)
  13. Rage Hard (Vocal/Remix) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  14. Pop Muzik (Darkside/MM Devo Remix) (M)
  15. Network 7: opening titles (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)


  1. The Look of Love (Parts I, II, III & IV) (ABC)
  2. Sleepwalking (Movement Two) (Instinct
  3. Watching The Wildlife (Movement Two) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  4. Scottish Writer Of The Year (Pencil and Paper Mix) (Andrew Poppy)
  5. Mad House (Our House Instrumental Dub Version) (Madness)
  6. Sign Of The Times (Extended 12” Version) (Belle Stars)
  7. Docklands (12” Version) (Mint Juleps)
  8. Something Special (Inversion) (Stephen Duffy & Sandii)
  9. Jazz (Via Vagabond)
  10. The Word: opening titles (808 State)
  11. Moments In Love (Massey Mix Two) (808 State Vs.Art of Noise)
  12. Network 7 (12” Version) (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)
  13. A Friendly Warning (12” Version) (Act)
  14. The Tube:opening titles V.2 (Andrew Poppy)