Super Electric Party Machine Album Release 13 January 2014, Launch Party to be Held at East Bloc 17 January 2014

Super Electric Party Machine is a night filled with the newest stars of club-land who look like they’ve rolled straight out of The Blitz. Drag queens, dancers and all-out posers get down to filthy beats courtesy of Larry Tee. With heavy fashionable line ups and hard sweat dance-offs, it’s the only place to be.

- i-D
With a stellar line up to mark the occasion, notorious club night Super Electric Party Machine celebrates the release of its self-titled album at East Bloc on January 17th. Not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for the boring, Super Electric Party Machine is an eleven track attitude-packed riot of ghetto bass, badass booty, throbbing house and ballroom, packed with future club anthems that scream mainstream crossover.
Three days after the release of the self-titled album, East Bloc will open its doo,s to the raunchiest, filthiest and most beautifully chaotic club night; if the walls aren’t shaking three streets over, it’s only gonna get louder.

The madhouse that is the Super Electric Party Machine club night is being compiled into an action-packed album of eleven songs – all of which are absolute chaos inspired by the diabolically gifted, party-rock minds of MCs, club figures performers, DJs and artists, namely, Andrew Bartenev. C*nty Savage, Last Cartel, Larry Tee, Mike Q, Nwando, Princess Superstar, Qboy and Portia Frttari (who made a splash in London’s fashion scene, particularly in 2013 when her magazine features, photo shoots and catwalks caught the eye of pop star M.I. A. who picked her to lead the Versace/Versus brand campaign).

The music, driven by the egos and alter egos of all the collaborating artists became a dance phenomena as the Super Electric Party Machine crept from London to other parts of Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Lisbon… and with a New York meets London, Park Avenue/aristocratic vibe disheveled with the dingy street rawness that gives the melodies an urban sexiness, and dance/sweat-til-sunrise-euphoria, Larry Tee and AttackAttackAttack (who mixed Iggy Azalia, R.E.M. Sia and Steve Aoki) became an enigma – the ultimate production force in dance music. They have put East London at the forefront of club-dweller anthemia, drawing crowds including the likes of A*M*E*, Brooke Candy, Charli XCX, Darq E Freaker, Le1F, Peaches, Ssion and Sharon Needles, who won the Rupal Drag TV show. DJs who have performed this club night include Danny Rampling, Severino from Horse Meat Disco, Hannah Holland, The 2 Bears’ Raf Daddy, and The Lovely Jonjo.

On 17 Jan 2014, Portia will be performing her forthcoming single entitled, ‘BodyTalk’ with production duo AttackAttackAttack and Larry Tee, as well as Lady Cartel and Nwando.

The lineup for the launch party is as follows:
Larry Tee
Lady Cartel
Portia Ferrari
Will Bond

The Venue, East Bloc, can be located at: 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN.

The event runs through the night, from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and there will be FREE drink tickets from 11:oo PM-12:oo AM, with entry costing £5 prior to 1:00 AM, and doubling to £10 after.

The album track listing and artist info. is as follows:

1. ‘We Go Crazy’ ft. MDPC
This grimy mix of pin-ball wizardry complete with hip-hop bravado and euphoric buildups features MDPC – the Brooklyn four-piece known for rapping on Larry Tee’s remix of Afrojack’s, ‘Let’s Get Nasty’, as well as their collaboration with the Stafford Brothers. MDPC released their premier single entitled ‘Bomb Ass Chick’ through Carnage Music, the previous year.

2. ‘Dirty Chicken’ featuring Nwando
Nwando Ibizie is catching steam as a female rapper with a unique approach to vocal delivery, whether via song or rap. A rising star, she has garnered comparisons to the talented musicians she has performed with, including A*M*E*, Brooke Candy, Charli XCX and Princess Superstar. Ever the urban Renaissance woman she works in promotion and DJing for the innovative ‘Nonclassical’ events.

3. SexySexy ft. Princess Superstar
You may know Princess Superstar from her already significantly successful career; she recorded ‘Licky’ with Larry Tee – a song which tore the music scene to shreds along with her 2 top 10 UK hits. A sneak peek of ‘SexySexy’ launched on, brought in an obscene amount of traffic to the site with 20,000 listens in just one week.

4. Bodytalk ft. Portia Ferrari
As the face of M.IA.’s Versus/Versace campaign and a model for i-D and ES Magazine, Portia Ferrari has the style and attitude which accompany the smoky timbres of her voice and make her the perfect fit for the club/house music scene, which is why ‘BodyTalk’ is already breaking doors down at Super Electric Party Machine. You may know the model from her appearances in Princess Superstar videos as well.

5. ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ ft. Roxy Cottontail
Roxy Cottontail knows how to captivate an audience, having remained #1 on Beatport for 3 months. And with flirtatious videos like ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ and smash collaborations with Armand Van Helden, Larry Tee/Afrojack and Drop The Line, it’s no wonder.

6. ‘Icons’ ft. Larry Tee
Applying an utterly mad ingenuity to club music akin to that of Andy Warhol with regards to his art, NY producer and DJ Larry Tee is notorious for spawning ‘DISCO 2000’ (hosted by party-boy/murderer Michael Alig, whose story was adapted into film à la 2003’s Party Monster). Tee was also a weekly DJ at the famed venue, the ROXY and was a cowriter for the RuPaul song ‘Supermodel (You Better Work)’, which climbed into Billboard’s Top 40 charts and amassed over 4,000,000 records sold.

Throughout his enduring and prosperous career, Tee worked with a number of artists including Afrojack, Santigold, Princess Superstar, Sean Garrett and Steve Aoki. He has delivered his own interpretations of hit songs by Peaches, La Roux, Major Lazer and Mama Monster herself (a.k.a. Lady Gaga).

Moreover, through his work with DJ Larrt Levan, he is responsible for the formation of the festival term “electroclash”, ultimately giving acts like Felix Da Housecat, 2 Many DJs and Scissor Sisters a portal to shine.

His latest album, Club Badd, includes ‘Licky’ and ‘Let’s Make Nasty’, both of which gained no. 1 spots on Beatport. Sebastian Leger remixed ‘Licky’, as did Steve Aoki, whose efforts feature a rap from Santigold as well.

[It’s] just genius – a tag-team bout between Chicks On Speed, Gina G, Grandmaster Flash and Soulwax.

– NME on Larry Tee’s last album, Club Badd.

7. ‘Supermodel INC’ ft. Sharon Needles
Sharon Needles is a reality TV celebrity, having competed in – and won – RuPaul’s drag race. In ‘Supermodel Inc’, she pays ode to RupPaul, while tackling the harshness of the modelling industry.

8. ‘Lagerfeld’ ft. C*nty Savage & Mike Q
It’s the sordid truth on strip bars and prostitution with the lyrical prowess of C*nty Savage on this track, which also features Mike Q…Explosive.

9.‘Shameless’ ft. Lady Cartel
London’s Lady Cartel is “the voice of the people”, even if it is the voice that says things London would rather leave unsaid. This rap artist’s delivery is fearless and unapologetically 100% Lady Cartel.

10. ‘Disco Me Disco’ ft. Andrey Bartenev
From Russia, Andrey Bartenev works in the fine and performance arts, his pieces finding themselves in numerous renowned museums and galleries, across the globe. Famous for radical outfits as much as he is famous for his humorous, yet insightful depictions of Russian culture, Bartenev is an enigma.

11. ‘Party Girl’ ft. SWICK and QBoy
SWICK featured on the BBC1 radio show, ‘Diplo and Friends’ after recording a guest mix and working with Diplo himself, multiple times. SWICK is an experienced artist, having released music through Cocobass, Dim MaK, Enchufada, Mad Decent, Main Course, Sweat it Out and Top Billin.

Qboy, a rapper from London, started off by running the Salt and Pepper fanclub – a move which possibly prompted his eventual collaboraton with the group. Since then, Qboy has also worked with the psychedelic sensation known as, the Chemical Brothers, as well as Lil Kim.

Super Electric Party Machine is a weekly event at East Bloc & bi-monthly event at XOYO.

Visit the Super Electric Party Machine website and Facebook for more info.