Mr. Peeps Presents Podcast #1-8

Mr. Peeps is a music promoter based in Manchester, England, who does a lot for his local music scene, from organising events to managing Velocets and even a great podcast that is gaining popularity from around the world. I’ve been keeping up with each installment on the old website so here they are again, with a new one just put up today!

Podcast 01

Featured bands (in order): The Rise of General Mezmar, Just Mammals, Velocets, Ninja Baby, Mama Roux, Lost Cassettes; Transition, Baby!; Orphan Boy


Podcast 02. This podcast has had to be removed due to limited space on SoundCloud.


Podcast 03

Featured bands (in order): Proud Honey, Emperor Zero, Crystal Seagulls,The Gullwings, Skeleton Suite, Modern Alarms. Crooked Empire, The Rise of General Mezmar


Podcast 04

Featured bands (in order): The Hippy Mafia, John Mackie, Broxton Hundred, The Castellers, John Pattison, The Outreach Project, Eat Defeat, The Knievel Dead


Podcast 05

Featured bands (in order): The Minx, The Bedroom Hour, Puppet Rebellion, Kismet Ryding, The Darlingtons, Welcome Pariah, The Unassisted, Naymedici


Podcast 06

Featured bands (in order): Dead Formats, Bad Bad Me, Classic Plastic, Flight of Arrows, The Getsettes, Those Rotten Thieves, The Joint, Turrentine Jones


Podcast 07

Featured bands (in order): The Dunwells, The Rising, This Modern Youth, Dirty Hooks, Sean Keefe, The Dirty Rivers, Military Arcade, Kismet Ryding


Podcast 08

Featured bands (in order): The Shallows, Narcs, Moustache and Beard, The Moods, The Barmines, The New Fabian Society, Death to the Strange, Public Service Broadcasting


Musicians, if you’d like a chance to be part of the podcast in the future, contact Mr. Peeps @MrPeepsSays.