DENA Gives Acoustic Performance of ‘Bad Timing’, From Forthcoming Album, Out 11 March 2014

Denitza Torodrova, otherwise known as DENA, is a Berlin-based chanteuse inching closer and closer to the pop epicenter as the March 11 release of her debut album Flash (to be launched through Normal Surround/!K7 Artist and Label Services) draws closer…

Offering a taste of what’s to come, DENA has unveiled an acoustic interpretation of single ‘Bad Timing’, which will feature on the album.

DENA is a master manipulator of 90′s pop with urban hip-hop flair and haute Balkan beats, popularizing herself among bloggers and artists including Icona Pop, Das Racist, LCMDF and The Whitest Boy Alive – all of whom she supported and the latter of whom released two albums on which she guested.

Pitched somewhere between Grimes and a Balkan M.I.A, expect people to be tripping over themselves to name-check DENA any minute. now


Hard at work since her 2005 move to Brazil, DENA, very much a fearless experimentalist, has continually developed her sound and live performances, keeping up a frenzied array of gigs at 2013′s SXSW. Her live charm and undeniable talent propelled her to the Top 10 International Pop Acts to Rise in 2013, on renowned German media site, Spiegel. And DENA’s past single releases, ‘Thin Rope’ and ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools’, which now has a near 1 million plays on YouTube, were released through French label, Kitsune and Greedhead; the loud, confident, and quintessentially European tracks are to be expected on the forthcoming album as well.

Though it maintains its unique Euro-cool, ‘Bad Timing’ is less in-your-face, avant-garde hip-hop, more quiet desire. This emotion-driven track expresses deep longing for a faraway love which seems to be growing more distant in the hustle and bustle of city life. A perfect representation of the simple rhythm structures (dominated by MPCs she programmed herself) and stark honesty that make up the album, The song thrives on old school dance beats and a powdery, yet sumptuous, RnB vocal. Listen to the original version below.

She’s so now that she seems to be critiquing the hipster mind-set

-The Guardian

The track listing for Flash is as follows:
01. Thin Rope
02. Jetlag
03. Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools
04. Total Ignore
05. Bad Timing
06. You Wish
07. Dice
08. Flashed
09. Games
10. Front Row Girl