The Broxton Hundred are a London-based band with a truly distinctive sound courtesy of Richard Lucas (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Gary Yari-Gerrard (Guitar/Bass/BV’s) and Rich Ormond (Drums/Percussion). Through a combination of easy-to-listen-to melodies, beautifully-crafted lyrics and a great deal of instrumental chemistry, they’ve created songs with allure, passion and purpose; there are no fillers – no meaningless solos or empty words; if this band can promise you anything it’s sincerity with a pop rhythm and rock’n’roll charisma.

So… ‘Who Put the Weight of the World on Your Shoulder’… With an exotic and enchanting guitar riff floating throughout the song, the drums provide a sensually cool foundation to get you swaying on the dance floor. It’s a captivating tale that seems to be consumed with struggle and intense emotion under a façade of lofty strings and an air of romance. The vocals, with their fluctuating dynamic, are steadfastly bold. Assertive, yet embracing. This is one of the most well-composed, well-developed works of art I’ve heard since starting this blog; with an inimitable rock’n’roll flair it’s uniquely The Broxton Hundred, and it would be impossible to mistake it for anyone else’s work.

Next is ‘She Brings the Light’. This track starts off with an intro made of promenading guitars full of an easy bounce and swagger. The vocals are doused in a lethargic confidence – a natural coolness that requires no conscious effort it seems. The groovy guitar licks bring a bit of the 90s to the table, with psychedelic enhancements. And though unexpected, the stripped outro consists of drums which allow the guitars to wander off smoothly; genuinely a cool rock’n’roll song filled with attitude and magnetism that is artfully executed, and avoids being standoffish.