Andy Muscat Featured on Mercedes-Benz Mixtape

Andy Muscat’s ‘You Pull Me Through’ was chosen to be part of the 51st Mercedes-Benz mixtape! Here’s what they had to say:

“Sunny, straightforward and spine-tingling: For prime retro soul with a touch of down-to-earth indie, look no further than Portsmouth’s Andy Muscat whose heartfelt – and tugging-at-the-heart strings – anthem catapults the young crooner straight into our shortlist of favourites. Debuting at his hometown’s Guildhall at the tender age of sixteen, Andy soon went on to wow critics and crowds at London’s seminal 100 Club or on record with his debut EP and two UK Unsigned no. 1 accolades. Now backed by two excellent musicians who bolster Andy’s big sound with Motown-esque grooves and backing vocals, the charming crooner wraps us around his little finger with catchy tunes, jangly guitars – and wisdom beyond his young years.”

Download the track, as well as the rest of the tape, here.